Saturday, August 31, 2013

Carlisle Country Craft

Last Saturday I have done something I haven't done in ages, and I am so thankful to my boss for making this happening for me. :). You are just simply the best. For the past year I have spend a lot of time at the DSC, however not with my donkey friends, but mostly in the office and the boutique. Even though I love both places I have missed time with the donkeys more than I wanted to admit and it has caused me some real grief and sadness, I just missed those long ears way too much. So Saturday felt like the old days and it was great and an absolutely amazing day. It started early in the morning when we packed up everything to go to Carlisle to set up with two of our boys in a small run and a craft and information table at the entrance to the Rustic Fair.
It was a great opportunity for us to educate the visitors about the Donkeys in need of good care, especially after the Rescue of the four donkeys that we just took in and it brought it closer to home for people there. 
Even though the day was all work we had a lot of fun and meet some great people, who have now since come out to visit the Sanctuary and have shown their support, whether through donations, registering for our Pace for the Donkeys Event at the end of September or just by spreading the word. It was a well spent day. And of course the boys were the stars and everybody loved them. 

Bob Ray checking out the quality of the wood....looks good enough to eat...

..even Helia thought so. :) She'll do anything for the donkeys. 
oh and since it was a rustic fair, everybody had to dress up the part....I think I played my part well..... he he the guy in the both beside us thought so lol.....:)

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