Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not a very introvert thing to do

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in pouring rain with the donkeys Bob Ray and DaVinci at the St. George Applefest. Usually this is a very busy weekend for the Fest, but do to the lousy weather it was a very quiet day. The rain finally stopped coming down in buckets by 3 pm and more people came out and a lot of them visited  with the donkeys. After our shift we took the boys for a walk around the area and they just loved to stretch their legs and get going. Man, I forgot how much strength it can take to walk a donkey and not let him have his way. but after a few minutes Bob Ray and I had a good thing going. He is a very good donkey. After that I drove back to Brantford and cleaned up a little bit, put on some dry clothes and left for Kitchener to meet up with a friend to go to a friend's birthday party. Omg I love my GPS, this place was total strange territory for me but my GPS got me there so easily. I should take this drive in the daylight now, to see where I actually was. I had a great time at the event and it was nice to just sit, watch, listen to great music and hang out with my friend and spend time together. Beside my friend, I really didn't know anybody, well I met the birthday girl and her partner at a previous event, but didn't really know them. They certainly are amazing people and it was a great evening, even though I was way out of my comfort zone lol....                                                                                                                                                                        

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