Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for...

Hmmm, I guess it's a job, and important job and somebody has to do it. One of my twins has made being an Undertaker his chosen profession. His first choice at one point was minister, but then ever since High School it was Undertaker. The road to this has not been an easy one, seems like it is a very  family orientated business so its hard for an outsider to get in, also I think his age was working against him and after a last try effort last Fall to get one spot in a very space limited course he finally made the cut. Part of the acceptance into the program was a 40 hrs co op position in a funeral home. That alone was a challenge to get but he finally, with the help of a friend, got that position and he has worked at that funeral home ever since on weekends while doing his schooling during the week. It's nice to see him get dressed up  in a suit with proper haircut and style and look respectful and professional and he has excelled. With passing his first year of the course the challenge now was to find a year long internship at a funeral home and accomplish many tasks in the next year. A couple of weeks ago he came home from work saying that the big boss wanted him to hand in his resume, that after being told right from the start that they never take interns. But they did this son. So  he was so happy about that as he seems to have really found his fit with this home. They have allowed and showed him every aspect of the business right from the first minute he was there. After having such a rough start even just to get in it has been so nice to have such supportive people around him that have helped him get to where he is now...on his way of achieving his dream of becoming an Untertaker. 
And as cold and heartless he appeared for years on the outside, I always knew on the inside he is a very caring and loving person, and he sure has shown that over the last year. I am so proud of him. 
It truly shows if you persevere in things that are important to you, you can achieve your goals. 

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