Thursday, March 07, 2013

Make my day!

Nothing makes my day than being recognized and acknowledged by my donkey friends. Donkeys are like cats in that sense, that they do things on their terms only. Once they trust you enough and know you they can be like oversized dogs, following you wanting to spend every moment with you etc. So I have had not much donkey contact over the last few months, usually the are enjoying life in their new barn and who can blame them for not wanting to be outside in this weather. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get there early that they have all been moved out of the barn so staff and volunteers can clean the barn and lay out ther food, so at least I see them. That was the case when I arrived there on Tuesday. I saw Sunshine standing there in the paddock, I called her name, one ear went back to listen for me, I called her again and the second ear went back to search for the sound and by the thirdelittle "Sunshine" she turned her head and actually looked at me, and then marched right over to the fence. Unfortunately the snowback in front of the fence line was so high that there was no way for me to get there and give her a big ear scratch and a hug. But I was happy with just seeing hesweetface and knowing that she wants to be social. Of course where Sunshine goes, there is usually Daisy, her mother, right in tow and then I saw their new little side kick, a very tiny standard donkey named Cora. It was the perfect photo opportunity. What sweet faces!
Sunshine, Cora and Daisy

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Anonymous said...

They are adorable! Love their faces!