Monday, December 03, 2012

Dec. 3: Come on a journey

Come on a Journey " A living Bethlehem". Last year I had the pleasure of taking part in the "Living Bethlehem" that was organized by the Crieff Hill Community. It is an annual event and we have taken part in it for a few years now, as we did this year again as well. It's the story of a modern family getting ready for Christmas while revisiting the events of that night when Jesus Christ was born. We, that is the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, after all you can't have the stable with Mary and Joseph without having a donkey or two. So last year Eric and I went with Monte and Pansy to be in the last scene, the Nativity. I definitely enjoyed the play and it was well thought through. Monte and Pansy cooperated somewhat, but much more prefered to roam the area and graze in between sets.
Here are some pics from last years event.
                                                                  The Choir of Angels

                                      Watching the family through the window

Monte and Pansy

                                        In the stable wtih Mary and Joseph

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