Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dec 23: Tree Ornaments

So the tree is finally up, well it's been up for a week, I should say it's finally decorated. We have one of those skinny trees and in the beginning I really loved it. It is out of the way, and doesn't take up much space, however I find it is very hard to decorate as the branches are so short and it seems like every ornament is overlapping another one, plus there is not enough space for all the ornaments we have, and then AH came up with the notion, that since we don't really have presents under the tree anymore, we should get a smaller one that just sits on the table.....I think NOT!
As we stare at the tree, Pookie made the rude comment that there are way too many donkey ornaments on the tree. REALLY? Is there such a thing as too many donkey ornaments? I think NOT!
I have so many favourite ornaments, my donkey and bird ornaments, my cross stitched ornaments and my funny ornaments, whether storebought or homemade. I love them all. Do you have a favourite ornament? What is it?


Sharon said...

You could always have the tall skinny one for the donkey ornaments and a small table one for the regular (if not boring) ornaments. :D

Tina said...

Great idea Sharon. :)