Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dec. 22 : Home for the Holidays

Well this is about as home as it gets for me for the Holidays....I am off work for a few days. Yippie..of course with days technology one is never really off as there are always emails to answer, schedules to revise and send out. But at least I am at home. I had two more errands to run today and even the Christmas shopping is done, and I only started this week, but really when it comes with a meaning and from the heart it's not that hard to get the things you want to give. :)
Today was also a day of the surprise is on I received a gorgeous flower arrangement from a friend down South, however she is up North at the moment, visiting with her daughter and grandchildren. And apparently Montreal is the place to be if  you want a white Christmas. I am so happy she is with family this time of the year. And I can't wait for her visit to Cocoa in the spring. It's been a while, but it will be so nice to see them together and in the meantime we all have been taking good care of Cocoa, after all he  is one of our model donkeys. :)

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