Saturday, November 03, 2012

Deadly Combination

Untreated trauma to your body and long car rides and/or plane rides make for a deadly combination. And yes, I know how lucky I was that day to have had the most amazing doctors who had made the right diagnosis despite having not the most common symptoms, that they ordered every possible test to make that right diagnosis and to start treatment right away. It definitely wasn't what I had expected it to be, but I am just happy that I know myself well enough to get myself to a doctor if I need one, and trust me I really hate going to the doctors and really only go when I feel like like I am going to die and have no other options.There were only two options that day and thank God I "felt like dying". Looking back I might have had small hints here and there right from when we came back from California, but just blamed it on other things. Oh well, would have not made any difference in the end result and would still leat to the same tratment. So now it's just dealing with the aftermath and trying to get better, so far not working to well. But how my traveling buddy Terri said....."oh,  you're standing "  so I guess that's good enough for now. And after all your body usually knows best what works for it and what it needs to do to recover.

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Sharon said...

Glad you're standing!

Get well soonest!