Sunday, August 26, 2012

Out on the Patio

One of the Donkey Divas has recently moved closer to my corner of the world, and since we were celebrating her birthday it was time for every body to travel this way this time, what a nice change for me. We met in one of the local establishments, ha ha there are only two or so, and had a excellent dinner out on the patio. I had been to this pub plenty of times before for lunch and even though on every food rating site the place is rated not the best, I have always thought their food was delicious, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is cosy and relaxed. So I really don't understand why it's rating is so low. We had good food, good company and plenty of laughs and of course plenty to catch up on. It was nice to hang out with Cate as I haven't seen her since the long weekend in May, so a visit was long overdue, unfortunately it was a pretty short visit as it was a long ride back home for Cate, but it sure was nice to all be out again as a group.

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S. J. Qualls said...

So glad you had a lovely time. Nice for you to visit with Cate again, I must say.

Who knows who rates those places anyway, I mean really. I think it's all a matter of preference.