Friday, July 13, 2012

Quitting not allowed!

It is so frustrating to have no cooperation from people that have the say and to have all these things to accomplish. How do you expect me to do my job? How do you expect me to get things done the way you want them  get done when I have no direction and need to wait for your ok, but you want it done yesterday? I don't get it. I have been very vocal about my frustration to the new boss, I actually just sent her another email about it, but according to her I am not allowed to quit. Which makes me feel good and appreciated, and gives me something to hope for, but at the same time I am not sure how long I can hang on to this.....I do love my job for most of the part except that one, but its a big one as it raves havoc on my mind and stress level. Ugh!!!!!! Sorry that when I do have a job then I take it seriously and want to do it to the best of my abilities, I guess I can't expect others to take their job as serious as I do mine. Well you know what they say about having expectations, but then I don't think it's an expectation. A job is a matter what kind it is, it is something to take serious and to fulfill one's duties accordingly, but I guess not everybody sees it that way.


twinpeakprimitives said...

I seems I have missed something :O

I was surprised by reading your post! I' ll check your previous posts in order to understand what was happened and why you are so depressed!

Right now, I can only say that, donkeys need your service and protection in front of such brutal world and people; so quitting is the worst action you may get!

As per to have better working condition or get rid off someone, being quit is not only the solution for a better result, business environment and more money! Although such thoughts suit on an ordinary person not on you!

In my imagination, you are someone special to born for realizing a specific mission! Your's is a very noble (to protect such animals which are suffering by violence of humans!) Therefore to face such problem or person is a kind of examination to make you more stronger and ready to get over any difficulty!

Well! Hope you are going to have a wonderful weekend with full of enjoyable moments...

All the best

Tina said...

Thanks Nurdan. And yes you are so right...and quitting is not an option. This too shall pass.

Sandra said...

No, I guess not. I have been upset with my boss as well this week: I sent her an e-mail and she didn't even answer it... no respect. I hate that.

twinpeakprimitives said...

According to the law; who ever the feasor of psychological pressure(mobbing) within the company is punishing officially if there is any formal complaints.

Mobbing is getting more important for the company's efficiency therefore the law is taking the employee's side to protect the human/employee rights.

Better to check either your issues are law-related or not! If it is so, your hands will be full of the arguments in front of the court! Guys- ladies would be pay back officially! (Could be an apology or big amount of money! Depends ;)))