Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Orly, the BLM Burro

Another volunteer and myself have made it our mission to find out Orly's life story. We both love Orly and we always knew that she was a special donkey. When I first met Orly yearsT ago I noticed a distinguished marking on her neck, so it was easy to spot her amongs all the other grey brown donkeys, little did I know what that marking actually meant. Once I got into volunteering and learning more about donkeys I learnt that that marking was a branding used by the BLM of the USA.
So our sweet Orly once was a wild burro in the USA. We know where she ended up at and how she got to us.  Orly had lived on  theDSC farm since 1991. She was one of the first original 9 donkeys that arrived at the DSC after the closing of the breeding farm they were at. They were originally slated for an equine auction, when Sandra rescued them from that fate.

So now that Orly has been clipped and her brand is fully visible, we discovered that she was born in 1982, which now makes her our second oldest donkey, and she came from Arizona. 
She is such a pretty donkey and I love her. 


Linda Wildenstein said...

Orly is a beauty and is a lucky girl to have been brought to your rescue.

Nurdan said...

She has a real story and very lucky at least she could reach there!

She is a beautiful creature too.

All the best!