Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An emotional reunion

Despite the pain I was feeling today and my lameness, I had an awesome time at the DSC today. Apparently the DSC today was the place to be as we had well over 280 visitors come out. Some days you meet people that just make your day and today was one of those days for I believe all of us, and I am sure we made his day as well. See over ten years ago this visitor was a bailiff and one day his job took him to a farm that was rented out to a lady who had two horses, a pony and one donkey. The lady couldn't afford too pay the rent anymore and abandoned the farm including the animals, which were then left for the land lord to look after. The landlord of course wanted to recoup some of his lost cost. A bailiff was sent out and seized the animals, against his own work rules, the bailiff decided to find good homes for these animals instead of sending them of to an equine auction, where if they weren't sold usually end up going to the slaughterhouse. So he looked and contacted the DSC to see if they would take in the poor donkey that was in horrible shape, with overgrown feet and very unkept fur. So today he shows up with his family for this very first visit, not knowing what to expect and he was telling me the story. He wasn't sure if the donkey lived or died, because of the hooves being so bad. Now our story of the donkey differs slightly but after comparing notes it was clear that this donkey he rescued over ten years ago was indeed still alive and well living at the DSC. It was our precious 42 year old Summer. So he was reunited with her and was just ecstatic that he would meet her again, and he was totally overwhelmed by knowing that his action back then had left this poor donkey to go on to live a long happy life at the DSC.
There are just visitors that you will never forget and that will be one of them.


Denise said...

Damp eyes here! Some small actions aren't so small.

Joan said...

I'm with Denise, very damp eyes. What wonderful things can come about as a result of a kind heart. What a special day!