Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tomorrow meaning today

Yesterday I was reading one of the blogs I follow and like every Monday it was "Meet Me on Monday" time. Every Sunday  the owner of the blog poses some fun questions that will be answered in everybody's blog on Monday. The questions are fun and easy to answer and it is sometimes amazing how much we have in common with complete strangers, so it's a fun way of meeting and getting to know your fellow bloggers. One of the sentences to finish  for "Meet me on Monday" was Tomorrow I will______________.So tomorrow is today  and it got me thinking about what I will be doing I will be attending a staff meeting and then I will be saying good-bye to my sweet friend Pablo. Pablo has come to the end of his life and he will be euthanized on Thursday. As sad as it does make me to see and letting him go, I know it will come as a relief to him and his pain will end. I love Pablo as much as I love any of my other donkey friends. I never really had much to do with Pablo when he was out in the main herd frolicking with the boys, but with his failing health he had become a Barnyard Gang donkey since the end of last year, so we did spend a lot of time together and it was fun time. Pablo, as hard as it was for him to walk, he wouldn't miss the chance for a cuddle, ear and butt rub for anything. And since I was a sucker for that, he knew I would always stop and spend some time with him. I  loved how he snuggled his head against my side so I could put my arms around his neck and hug him. Pablo really is a fairly young donkey, only 10 years old but the lack of care has taken a toll on the donkey, who came to the DSC in 2006 with his friend Chullo. Chronic laminitis and rotation of the bone in his hoof has come to a critical point and the sweet donkey can no longer live without being in extreme pain. The last little while he has been spending more time laying down then on his feet and the special shoes that made things comfortable for him for so long are at this point causing pain and without shoes he would be even in more pain. So the decision was made to give the donkey a humane end to his short life. I sure will miss the white donkey that left tons of fur  embedded in my black hoodie, but I know it will be best for him, but it sure doesn't make it any easier for us left behind. My thoughts go out to the volunteers in who's hearts Pablo has a very special place.


Donkey Bums said...

That's the one downside of letting animals into our hearts; my thoughts will be with you as you say good-bye to a friend.

Joan said...

Very sad

Louise said...

I'm sorry Tina. Even when it's the right thing, it hurts.