Monday, April 30, 2012



When I was a child, I loved to go to the Zoo and if I was asked where I would like to go on any particular day, Zoo was always my top answer and usually we went. As a child, it was great to see the animals, that I have seen on TV on Animal Wildlife shows or read about in books, up close and personal. To read more about them at the Zoo and to watch them live just fostered my love for animals each and every single visit. Of course over the years you realize that these animals shouldn't be locked up in cages for our entertainment, but should remain in the wild and their natural habitat. Keeping a zoo is a big undertaking and it definitely makes me feel a little better for these caged animals when I see big improvements to  Zoos and the attitude of Zoos. The Toronto Zoo has made big improvements to some of it's enclosures and spent a lot of money on making some areas as close to natural habitat as possible while of course still being enclosed. Also recently three of the large elephants at the Toronto Zoo have been moved to the Elephant Sanctuary in California, with the help of Bob Barker and ZooCheck. There they can roam freely in a warmer climate, which was one of the factors that initiated the move. Of course money is always a factor in running a zoo and if it is a city run operation it is subject to cut backs just as anything else. While not being totally opposed to Zoos now as an adult, I am definitely opposed to these little mom and pop zoos that pop up here and there.....there is something wrong with the picture when you see the "dangerous " donkey all locked up in a totally enclosed area. I don't get that. 


Inger said...

Zoos that take proper care of animals that couldn't survive anywhere else are a good thing, but then there are so many others that are sad places. I'm writing about zoos too, but it really is about the great Wild Animal Park at Kolmarden in Sweden. Stop by, I know you will like it. I'm so proud of us -- we finished the challenge!!!

Tina said...

Yes I heard of that wild animal park!

Louise said...

Tina, I agree with you 100%

Elizabeth Mueller said...

I agree with you! Happy Z day!

A to Z co-host

Tracy said...

I am so like you...I don't like zoos except if its for rescue purposes...great job on making it to the end of the challenge!

Joan said...

That's a problem isn't it, the more we're aware of the situations the animals face the less we're able to enjoy or tolerate the circus or the zoo or animal farming. Everything changes.

Tina said...

So true Joan.

Retired Knitter said...

What a wonderful blog post. I am a big sucker for animals - all animals. Just ask the birds and squirrels who inhabit my back desk.. They get only the best food and when the feeder is empty, they spend time letting me know it, and I absolutely stop what I am doing and fix that problem.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy to follow yours.