Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meet our star!

He is  medium height, a little chubby but dark and handsome, and he is a well sought after star.
We always say that our donkeys don't work, that we are a retirement home for donkeys, a spa resort or whatever you want to call it, but that is not entirely true, we do have one working donkey. However when he works he gets the royal star treatment, he only works maybe twice a year if even that. He is very good at what he does and whenever there is a need for a good cooperative donkey, there is Bob Ray to fit that bill. He has been on stage, on TV, in plays and most recently he took part in a photo shoot at the DSC for Stratford's "Shakespeare in the Park" series......Here he is, handsome as ever posing for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" poster.

Getting warmed up...

..and the end result......a picture worth a thousand words

Isn't he just handsome? Ok ok,  she is a pretty good looking girl too.

The rest of our donkeys also work hard at being cute and friendly and loveable. 


Retired Knitter said...

Oh my, those pictures are wonderful but the last one is priceless. Wonderful!

Linda Wildenstein said...

Tina: What a darling star. He is adorable and does his donkey kindred proud. Oma Linda

Tammy Bergeron said...

wow those pictures are amazing and priceless!

Tracy said...

boy, you have a celebrity in your midst...what a handsome boy!

Joan said...

How wonderful! Beautiful!