Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All work and no play

...well that is not true at all even though it has been work work work, there is nothing better than enjoying your work and having fun while doing it so it doesn't even seem like work. Last time I felt like that was when I was working in the Bavarian Alps in a Hotel, once work was done it felt like a constant vacation and even work was easy to bare. This weekend was a huge success, it probably exceeded the expectations of all of us. Originally I was attending as a guest but circumstances changed and I ended up working the event. And wow what an event it was, imagine a six hour Open Day cramped into 3 hours with triple the amount of people coming through then on an normal Open Day. It was crazy, but at the same time more fun than I ever had at a big event. The guests were amazing, I caught up with a few of our regular visitors who hadn't been out yet this year, so it was nice to see them. I think what made it more enjoyable was that there were hardly any little kids, it's not to say that I don't like the kids visiting, but when you are responsible to keep safety in mind with kids all day long it can be quite stressful, but with mostly adults there was a lot of conversation without having to dart away in the middle of it to make sure some kid doesn't get hurt while the parent is oblivious to the situation. We had amazing volunteers out that day and it was nice to see some that haven't been around for a while. One of my new volunteers gave me a big surprise contribution towards one of my causes at the DSC and wow what a great  and kind gesture, and all just because we had a conversation the other day about the importance of it to many volunteers and myself. I was just floored. When the little project is finished I will share it here, as for now it is in the works. :)
Sunday was a routine Open Day and after the huge crowd on Saturday, anything was going to be a piece of cake. I again was working instead of being in my normal volunteer role, however I had a brief encounter with my least favourite person and I wish I could have thought of the snotty remarks much sooner and not after the fact, because I am just dying to give her my opinion of her but I guess others I am glad....Smiling once in a while would help too. lol.....But we all know about miserable people they have a way of sucking your energy right out of you without you even being aware of it, until one way you wonder what just happened here? 
We had a great staff meeting yesterday and it seems we will be working on some plans and follow through with a lot of our ideas....which is great, it just means more work for me and everybody else, this is were I come to say I don't care about anybody else right now but myself lol and I must have had the look of " you gotta be ******* kidding me" on my face when the new boss took me aside and wanted to talk to me. lol. But it was all good. I must say...I love my new boss already, even though she hasn't officially started yet, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, is proactive instead of reactive, is very approachable and in my eyes as of right now.... She is fantastic! She has a great vision and great plans of taking us all to the next level and I think they made a great choice when they picked her. She also sees the value that every single staff member brings to the table and not just a few chosen ones, which to me speaks volumes. So I am definitely looking forward to working for and with her and yes it will be much more and it will be so totally out of my comfort zone but I think I need to just grab the bull by the horns so to speak and do it. Funny how I can create great opportunities for myself and then when they actually come to be I chicken out.....what is that all about? lol

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Inger said...

Great that you had a good time. And a successful day.