Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Friday already?

I can not belief that it is Friday already again, this week just flew by again...either that means I am getting old or I am having fun, I think in my case it's probably both.
I went to work early on Tuesday evening to catch up on some of my office work and had one of my "new" co-workers stop by and tour the facility so she will be familiar with it in case  she has to work at that location. We have actually spend a lot of time together lately and have a lot of fun working together. Funny that there are still people that try to warn you about other people, but I just shake my head and go on my own merry way, first of all I am a really good judge in characters and can make up my own opinions of people and don't need any cohering from others in that department, mostly their judgements stem from their own insecurities and that's their problem. I am also  too old to listen to idle gossip or to be constantly on the look out for people trying to stab you in the back....if that's what they need to do  to get their way or feel good about themselves....go ahead....we all know what happens to those kind of people in the end, so it really doesn't affect me in any way.  I am just doing my job and work with what I have.
Wednesday was Open Day at the farm, we had a lot of visitors out as most of the day was sunny and warm, there were a few storm clouds in the late afternoon, but they never amounted to anything. The week prior our little donkey Sable had a special visitor, her former owner came to visit. It's amazing to see the smile on Jack's face when he is around that little donkey. She sure was loved and is still loved by him. Sable was owned by an elderly couple and when Jack had a stroke a few years back, his wife wasn't able to look after him and the two little donkeys they owned. So with a heavy heart they gave those donkeys to the DSC. One of them died shortly after arrival due to a tumor, and Sable was adopted and taken care of by what was then Pansy and Poppy. Now that Poppy is no longer with us either, Sable and Pansy are inseparable. Sable is very dependent on Pansy and really is stressed when Pansy is nowhere in sight, which really doesn't happen very often. Sable is also a donkey that is hard to lead, so whenever you need to get Sable somewhere it's easier to just get Pansy and Sable is sure to follow without any trouble.
Thursday was a day full of work with Tots in the morning and then a staff meeting in the afternoon. Tots was fun, our little Indian princess has, after eight weeks of program, finally stopped crying and is playing with the other children and she sure is a cutie, however,lol, being a typical 2 year old, and still way too young for the program, she is into everything, and I mean everything, so at this point we are not sure what was better, her handing on to me and crying or her being on the loose and needed to be watched and followed like a hawk, which still means she occupies on instructor completely, but at least it is a lot quieter lol....wonder how she will make out after the long summer break lol.
So being Friday today means it's my night to work again and I have tons of stuff to do, thank god I work long tonight so I should get a good chunk of it done. I love having lots to do, it makes the time just fly by. While I will be working most of my stitching sisters will enjoy a long weekend up at beautiful Brentwood on the Beach, sorry that I am missing it this time, but just too much work and well I need to save my money for September.
The weekend will be full of donkeys and tons of people, as we have our Donor Appreciation Afternoon with over 400 guests and Sunday is Open Day. It will definitely be a long tiring weekend and it will continue way into next week with  more meetings and extra work as I am once again filling in at another location. Woo hoo! But I am starting to like it that way....but having a quiet day once in a while would be nice too.


aneyeforthreads said...

We all miss you and hope you have a nice weekend but you know it just isn't the same without you here...
Be always in stitches.

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet story about Jack! I've been reading the donkey bios trying to pick one to sponsor, when I do I'll try to put something up on my page. Do you know of one in particular need of some extra love?

Tina said... are asking me for who to sponsor? lol If I could I would sponsor all of it is really hard to just pick one or one in particular. I can tell you who doesn't have an lot of sponsors....Franco for example or Johnny. Bobby is also a real sweetie, and if you want to stick to minis.....:)....Peter doesn't have a lot of sponsors....he is a little bit shy and always worried about his Katy so he doesn't hold still long enough to get to know you....and experience the love you could give him lol....Have you been out to the DSC? Or is it too far from where you are?

Jessica L. Foster said...

It is so good that he can still visit his donkey. She looks extra fuzzy and adorable. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Tina said...

We actually have a few donkeys where the former owners still come for a visit,and the donkeys remember them.
Hope you have a great weekend Jessica.

Anonymous said...

I'm just outside of Ottawa, but I have lot's of family in Cambridge. When I do make it down that way I will definitely be coming by. I would love to come down for June 10, but it's not going to work for me. I'll do some reading on the lonlier donkeys you mentioned; I'll have to come up with some way for my three to pick our honourary donkey bum!