Friday, March 23, 2012

Smiles and chuckles.

One of the biggest contributor to my happiness is when I can bring a smile to other people's faces. I know how I feel when I smile and how it feels when others bring a smile to my face, so it has always been something that I get great joy out of, when I can accomplish that towards others. Sometimes smiling is as simple as just knowing someone is in your life, that being around them makes you smile, because you feel safe, happy and content with who you are. I have a few people in my life, just knowing that they do exist and are  a part of my life, makes me smile and happy. It also makes it very easy to admit and tell them  how much you appreciate them being in your life and how much you care and love them. So yesterday I got, what for me is the ultimate compliment, that someone is so absolutely happy when they see me, that it makes them happy to know me and to be around me. Really nothing could be a better feeling than knowing you have an effect on somebody in that kind of way. So that comment made me smile for the rest of my evening.
Last night at work, it was interesting to say the least, seems like the answer to a long outstanding oddity, stemming from who else but the former boss, came to light, don't know the details of the findings, but it made me chuckle, when I found the note in my cashbox, because it is something that was so typical of her and how she tried to blame others for her mistakes. I am glad at that point, the person who it was directed at, took every precaution to protect herself, and did something that was so easy to fix to make it at least right in the books and cover her own ass and the patrons' asses too, because there was no way she would let somebody else take the fall for the boss's lack of integrity and careless behaviour. Funny what you can find when you dig around. I can't wait to find out where the new boss actually found it. Well hopefully this will be noted by the higher ups and it will put another mark against the old boss and hopefully her position sooner or later will be reassessed accordingly. I almost wish they would have a  parole hearing type of meeting where we could voice our concerns and opinions on what her fate should be and what would be best for her. But I guess I  have to put my trust in the manager and that she will do the right thing with all the info she has. I guess there still is something to prove for her after all. :)


Sharon said...

:-) I do love a good chuckle, myself.

Inger said...

A great post and I love your header photo. Oh, those ears! And the whole design of your blog is great!