Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shaking my head!

I had written this entry a while ago and then decided against posting it because it was dealing with work once again and I was so done with that part of it, but somehow she just keeps popping up or shall I say the shit she pulled keeps popping up and now the games she played become even more clearer and obvious.....and this entry  actually goes now with the entry from yesterday as it is once again a similar situation constructed by non other than old boss it is....
Not sure in what category I want to order this one in lol...some things just make you go WTF? or huh?, this one is (was) just another stab at me in a last ditch effort. I really can only shake my head at this one, didn't  really hurt me at all, it just confuses me more than anything, but reality is it made her look like an idiot in front of many again, because I won't ( and I didn't) keep my mouth shut on this one either. She probably thought I wouldn't find out, or no maybe because I am too dumb to do that task she didn't think I will catch on to it, and maybe if it wasn't for the training session the other day,( now many weeks ago ) I would have not even bothered to look into it but it's amazing what you find out when you dig a little deeper. Wonder to how many others you did this, that don't have a clue because they don't sit at the source. Hmmm! ( Well since yesterday I know there were others).Well she was not known for doing much, but she sure is having a huge reputation of messing with people, and what makes this so laughable in my eyes is the fact that after just being off for three weeks vacation, plus a week off sick, or was it a suspension, I can't ( couldn't) keep track of it anymore, she came into the office for half a day and that's what she did...omg....give me a friggin break. Really makes me shake my head. INSANE! ( literallly as I know something many don't know lol). Sometimes it helps to have very unlikely sources and friends....he he this case it sure was enlightening.


Sharon said...

Ah ha, I know it wrong to think and wish ill on other people, but feels so good knowing one is right. :-)

Nothing like karma :-)

Tina said...

Yup you got that right, Sharon!