Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching myself in the act!

Every day the first email I usually receive is my daily EnneaThought! I love getting these daily  little reminders to support my so called "inner work" for  every day of the year. They  help me to become more aware of the main features of my personality type, the posititive as well as the negative, my self limiting attitudes and behaviours, as well give me recommendations for personal growth and suggestions for inner work practices. It is also a gauge to see if I am at a healthy point, somewhat healthy point or unhealthy point, and I can pretty much pinpoint that to the t in those moments. 
I mean we all go through life doing your daily things, having our daily thoughts and behaviours but how often are we really aware of what we are doing or why we are doing it, these little reminders give me a jolt each morning to be aware and on the lookout for and then it becomes easier to change those thoughts and behaviours, and sometimes I know damn right that what I am doing is the totally unhealthy stage of my personality type and I can't change it at the moment but I am at least aware I am doing it. And that sometimes is half the battle.Isn't it Dr. Phil who always preaches that you can't change what you don't acknowledge? It's just a way of using the insights of the Enneagram in your ordinary life. The Enneathoughts help me catch myself in the act of doing what is  either a  healthy or unhealty way of being for my personality type. And trust me I still have a lot of unhealthy ways of being, but I am a work in progress. 

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