Monday, March 26, 2012

Better late...than never.

Over the last little while I have caved into a few things that are like a foreign concept to me, I knew people do it, but I just never had a need for it as my life was simple and straight forward, but I have resorted to some type of resources and aids to make things a little bit more manageable, with three different jobs at three different locations it has become a daunting task to keep track of where I have to be and when I have to be there. With the possibility of adding a fourth location to the mix over the summer I have resorted to purchasing an agenda to keep track of my schedule and the different locations, now I know at least where I am going on what day. I have also resorted to writing lists, of all the things I need to do and wow it's amazing, one actually gets things accomplished that way...who would have thought lol. I guess I am finally getting as organized as people always thought of me to be lol....or maybe I am just getting old and can't remember half the things I need to remember. Either way, so far it's working and has made life somewhat more manageable and much more enjoyable. Only took me this long to figure this out lol.....well better late than never I say to that!


Sharon said...

Don't spread yourself to thin and yes, a schedule will keep you going to the right place at the right time!

Trina said...

Don't feel bad - if I don't write one thing down I will forget it! It does happen to us all!

Happy Stitching!