Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's f*****' high, but you have a hell of a view...

Today was the day, we had dreaded for years now, I am not one to cut down good trees just for the sake of cutting down trees, but this one had been a thorn in our sides ever since we moved into this house 17 years ago. It's a huge tree, approx. 85-90 feet tall, we have many huge trees in the yard and they form their own little forest in our back yard. This particular tree always had us worried because of the proximity to the house and the potential of damage it could do if it would ever fall over. Watching the bottom six feet closest to the ground sway on a windy day was always a little bit scary, and with the recent windstorms we had, there were now obvious signs of things that could come, if we didn't do anything  before mother nature took charge. After the last wind storm the roots, that were above ground, had started to break off and the ground around the tree had started to separate in a circle around the one side of the tree. We noticed it when we had puddles of water in the yard were we never had puddles before, but because of the roots hiving underground the water that was in the ground was pumped upwards to the surface and had formed the puddles. Actually when you stood out there you could feel the earth hiving underneath your feet.
Up in the air shot then!
 So this beautiful, sunny and wind still morning a crew of four young men equipped with robes, chainsaws etc invaded our backyard to take the monster down.
Sean getting ready to climb

He scaled up the tree pretty fast and once he was on top I heard him say: "it's f****** high, but you have a hell of a view from here", then lowered himself back down via rope and started to take the smaller tree next to it down, as it was in his drop line for the higher branches of the tree to be taken down. By the time I left for work he had most of the branches of that tree down. Unfortunately I never saw him all the way up in the huge tree or saw how they lowered the branches down, but when I came home at noon the tree was down. So it really didn't take them that long to take the monster down. Feels weird now staring into my backyard with the tree gone, I know the squirrels look a little confused too. 
The new view into the backyard.
Up in the air shot now!
As you can see we still have plenty of huge trees left.
Well that is one less worry to have come the next wind storm. So that makes me happy today.


Denise said...

I've had to have trees taken down too and it's like loosing a friend.

Joan said...

You'll feel so relieved when the wind blows again but it's always sad to see a big tree come down.

Sharon said...

I hate to see a tree go, but what are you going to do? I'll bet you feel a whole lot safer now!