Tuesday, March 06, 2012

One just never knows...

You sure never know when it hits you and what it will do to you. Yesterday while working away on a few projects there was a totally unexpected loop thrown at me, not by anybody else but by myself and boy it sure effect half of my day. Oh the power of some things is just undeniable, and I wonder when it will get better. I managed to work through it, but it still bothered me, I think more than anything the fact that it bothered me at all and that much. Well by mid afternoon everything was ok again in my little corner of the world,  and I met up with a friend to do some beautifying, go browsing through some of the local thrift stores and went for a quick coffee before I had to go to work in the evening. I had a meeting with the boss to attend before my regular shift and boy she sure scared the crap out of me when she told me that I was a bad girl last week, but it was all good in the end lol. Phew! Today will be a busy but fun day, I will finally get to hug some donkeys,  then spend time at the staff meeting, get my goodies for the next mail order going out, post a few things, write one report and then head home to go out tonight to see one of my favourite artists: JANN ARDEN. This will be my fourth Jann Arden Concert and I am looking forward to it, as tradition has it, well as of lately, I will go with my son's girlfriend and we will have a good time. I haven't seen her much lately because she has been going to school and working a lot, so it will be nice to catch up with her.
Hope everybody will have a geat day and enjoy the things they do...even if it's work, after all it's a Tuesday. :)

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