Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A great day..................(warning sexual content)

Yesterday I took a drive up to the DSC, I got there early before the meeting, just so I could do a few things in the tack room and spend some donkey time. When I arrived most of the girls were outside, so I just climbed over the fence to spend some time with them, I gave Orly some long needed ear scratches and some hugs and then spend some time with Rosie. The donkeys right now look very messy, they have been deloused over the last eight weeks and so no grooming was to take place during that time, so now that they are fine, grooming is much needed. Some of them have had bad cases of rain scald too, so that never looks very pretty, but it's clearing up nicely. As I was spending time with Rosie in the shelter, little Marci came along and thought she needed some attention too. Marci is a mini and very assertive, I call it pushy, but since she is so little that sounds a little to forceful, but she definitely knows what she wants and how to get it. Becky was in heat and of course attracted some of the boys that are with the girls, however these boys are very mild mannered and other than being curious why she acts the way she acts, they don't give it must thought. It was funny however that Becky was doing the typical 'in heat' behaviour and Orly, who is also a female, either coming into heat or being in heat, mounted her, and then came Franco. Franco is a shy donkey boy and as he was watching the girl action he came closer, lowered his head to under Orly's belly and probably thought..".you are missing the right equipment for that!" and walked away probably wondering what that was all about. Orly didn't care and neither did Becky, they were just happy donkey girls. After hanging out with the girls I went down to the barn and ran into one of my favourite volunteers. So I had a nice little chat with him and then went finally on to work. I got my report finished and some other little things accomplished and before I headed back home I jumped the fence one more time to see the girls. The rowdy boys were out playing in the field, it's so nice to see them running and chasing each other and just having fun.
In the evening I picked up Ashley and we ventured down the mountain to Hamilton Place to see Jann Arden in Concert. We had great seats and the show was like always amazing. With Jann Arden you definitely get your money worth, every concert I have ever attended of hers, she starts right on time and besides a quick set change there is no break in between. And we didn't leave the venue until 10:45 pm. She sure travels with talented musicians and like always she was very entertaining and humorous. I love when she makes fun of her cranky parents all the time.
Jann doing a cover  mash up of one her favourite artists....:)

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Tammy said...

glad you had fun at the concert!!