Thursday, March 08, 2012

This and that on a Thursday morning!

Cant' believe it's Thursday already again, don't know where the time goes. Even though the time flies by so quickly there were a few happenings I would have thought they happened a longer time ago than they actually did. Funny how that works. This week was a little bit calmer than last week, however there were a few new things happening and well if it wasn't for the eye candy it would have been worse that it was. lol. Thankfully there weren't any glares and knives thrown this time, so I actually could concentrate on the tasks ahead, even though all I understood was "Bahnhof" lol, well I understood some of it, but it's something I haven't really used in probably 25 years and the knowledge is a little bit rusty on that one.
Beside one little melt down I have done well this week,  maybe not as well as I would like to and not in all departments, but well enough given the situation. Definitely spending time with my donkey girls made my week and there is not much that has a better effect and healing power than the unconditional love of an animal.
The work on the Procedures and Policies has been great and we made some great progress on it and I am very happy with it, now it will go to the next "audience" for feedback. Hope they will all receive it as well as we have intended them.
A staff meeting the other day was very emotional and a little bit on the disturbing side and the outcome is less than desirable, it's mind boggling what people can get away with and how little value is put on lives of others. I will write in details about it once I have sorted it out in my own head.
I have learnt a lot over the last little while, like always I am mostly an observer and really only speak up about things when they go totally against what I believe in, or against any ounce of integrity or simply when I need clarification just to make sure we are on the same page at the same time. Lol, which sometimes is not that easy to do, this made me think of a conversation I had the other day, we thought we were talking about the same thing and it turns out we weren't even in the same book at that time, let alone the same page, but after  awhile we got it sorted out and it was resolved in no time at all. Communication is definitely something I will  work on, as well as others will have to do Thank God it wasn't something earth shattering and we just laughed at it afterwards.
I probably asked more questions over the last little while then I have ever in my entire life. Some questions I really don't want to ask, but it gives me the safety that I need in my head right now, so I don't care, I just ask. I have also learnt there is no dumb question, as I sometimes think my question might be dumb but it's then actually turned out as something others hadn't even thought of lol....Sometimes it's good to have a twisted sense and think of all the possibilities lol, as much as it can be a curse at times.
I have also sorted out the people in my life, as the good, the bad and the ugly...I am grateful for all the good people right now that keep me afloat and hold me up when I don't feel so hot about things. I know I am cared for and valued and its amazing how you sometimes get a boost from the most unlikely sources, and that is still a little bit mind boggling and overwhelming for me, but I have also reached out to some very unlikely sources for the first time and it's been amazing to find a connection with these people.  I definitely know who my friends are and yes we might not agree on everything all the time, but we value each  others opinions and inputs and work towards things that benefit all of us not just one person.
Except for a few minor scars and bruises life is good, and even so  I am not perfect parts of me are pretty awesome. :)


Melodie said...

That last paragraph was a great summary of everyone's life I think!

Tammy said...

Love the new blog layout!!!!
Tell me about time going by my little one is 3 months 1 week ahhhhh