Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hmmm...this is definitely interesting. I have gotten a lot of emails from people lately regarding a certain function that was planned and now has been cancelled due to the lack of interest. Funny how everybody has their own take on it and when you read between the lines it all comes down once again to the lack of leadership and management and I am quoting the manager at my workplace...."Management is not rocket science, it's about treating your staff right, making sure they are trained properly and given the right tools to do their job!" Throughout these emails there is one common thread, that is the division between 'old' and 'new' and it is created by the management and their handling of things, people and issues, or the lack thereof. I think I will have to make a decision on whether I will continue to work on this, but it is very frustrating to work on this alone when the people who are mainly to blame don't see anything wrong in their actions. Funny what 'ego' can do to people, situations and the dynamics of groups. Hmmmm this will sure get me thinking for a while....

Yesterday I had an awesome day at work. While most of my coworkers sat through six hours of training I was left  behind to supervise and help out at a Neighbourhood event. It would have been an awesome event if the turnout would have been better, but those who were there had a great time. The entertainment was awesome and it's nice to see so many talented young men from this neighbourhood be good role models for the youth. It's also nice to see young people getting involved. I got to spend about another  hour with my visitor from last night, and we had a great time joking around. Needless to say I didn't get much work done. On a whim I have volunteered myself  to do a favour for her, but I did it with an ulterior motive, lol, didn't take her long to figure out what that was and she totally understood my intensions. Now I am regretting it a little already, because I know it will be pretty hard to do and the thought alone right now causes me anxiety, but it's all about getting this will be an interesting step/experiment. It will be good to get it over and done with and yes she will finally have me on her turf,  and it is planned to have that fierce conversation she has been waiting for. Now is a as good as any time and I am in the right state of mind to do it.... as my mood and take on things has changed within the last few I am pissed enough to say something, lol.

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