Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sorry, I didn't jump...

All in good time is what I am thinking. A surprise visit yesterday, was just that to me, a surprise visit. She was polite in excusing the other person that was with me at the time and after he had left, it was just her and myself, and it was more than obvious that she wanted to give me a chance to talk to her. I, however can be very stubborn and stick to my principles, and not talk until I'm ready to talk, as part of my self preservation. :). It was definitely nice to chat with her about everything under the sun and I am glad that she didn't push the issue, as I didn't jump on the opportunity she so brilliantly provided. I definitely appreciated the fact that she is doing it on my terms, and it's funny that during our conversation about nothing in particular she repeatedly said that she knew all along that we had far more in common than that experience. I wish however I would have told her about the few good things that have come out of the situation that made me much more aware of where I stand. She stayed for some time and there wasn't one awkward moment or silence between us, actually a lot of laughter and jokes, as we definitely have the same sense of humour and both have no problem laughing at ourselves.
Before she finally walked out the door, she stuck her head in one more time,  and with a big smile on her face reminded call her. And then she left.

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