Saturday, February 11, 2012

Think of it as sharing not talking!

Everybody who knows me knows I am not really much of a talker, especially when it comes to private stuff, I find it hard at times to talk about it, and I am sure not one to tell just anybody what's going on.( ha ha feels like an oxymoron right now as I am talking about it and have been talking about it openly almost daily in my blog, but then my blog is just that, my dotting down things that concern me or that I need to get of my chest, if anybody reads it, or not, doesn't matter, it's not meant to be informative to others, it's just for me. Except I want to share it with my friends.) As I used the line..."I'm not much of a talker" the other day with a dear person, I was redirected to think of it more as sharing and not of talking! Well I couldn't argue against that statement, even so I jokingly did, but it fell of deaf ears and we just chuckled about it. So yesterday was a great day for sharing. I had coffee in the morning and we shared a lot about the things in our life, regarding family and work and so on. Then after lunch I set out to a trip down to the lake to do some more intense sharing with J. and it sure helped to share it all, from the good to the bad. In the evening at work I had more time to share, but I was also listening a lot as one of my coworkers shared her experience and it made me realize, that most of us went through the same thing, we just  didn't talk about it, thinking we were each the only one and because you didn't know whose side everybody was on, but it made it clear also that we all dealt with it in our own ways, so it was good yesterday to share that and being understood too even though we handled it differently. It was really a great evening, and we worked well together, it's almost like we just need to get to know each other all over again, since we were all  in such a frantic, frazzled state over the last few months.  As I said the other day, this experience has brought those of us, who don't judge each other or try to outshine the other,  much much closer and it's apparent that we can support each other and be there for each other, because shared pain is half the pain, I am glad we are such a great team and I am glad to be a part of it.....Looks like I am getting my groove back. :).
Monday will be another day of sharing which will be a little bit nerve wrecking and then I am sure I'll get the third degree on Thursday, can't wait for that one....and I mean that in a good way. Right now I have a lot of things to be grateful for and most of all that are the people that stood up and behind us. Having heard comments by friends about being happy that they have their friend back, it sure showed me it has not just effected my work life but also pretty much  every aspect of my life, whether knowingly or not.

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