Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh, you want to know how I am feeling?

Well let me tell you..I was fine eight months ago, better than fine now I am pissed beyond belief, more though after Monday's event of "sharing" and none of this shit better get out of that office of yours or there will be hell to pay. If I get the slightest feeling that it is, and  trust me I will know by the way people will be around me, I will be flipping out. You think I am mild mannered, think again....don't let me blow my top!!!!!!!
I am glad we agreed on two things though, I just wish you would have told me something I didn't know already.

After that encounter today I had the urge to contact the person who made this possible, I was mad, and I mean mad, and after talking with her over email for a while, and her urging me to call her so we could talk,  i felt better. I opted out of calling her though because I thought it would not be fair to her for me to be mad and ragging on her, even though I am partially mad at her too, and after I told her that, we just chatted online for a bit, at the end I felt better and I am glad I confided in her, after all she is the only one who really understands and has my back. Glad she has a great sense of humour too and she brought out a big smile on my face by the end of our conversation.

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