Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE - not just for a day

This picture speaks volumes about the love between Uma and Spice, two female donkeys that came at different time to the DSC, but who had bonded over the time to the point that they were inseparable. When one was on the barn side for treatment, the other one would not leave the gate just to make sure their friend was ok. Spice had a little bit of a mind of her own, and even though Uma is one of the most uncooperative donkeys at the DSC, she always had patience for Spice and their love for each other was so obvious. I remember one day leaving the DSC and this brown donkey stood all  alone by the gate looking towards the field, and braying and braying her heart out...and here all the way back was Spice slowly trotting towards Uma, who decided to get a drink but Spice wasn't following her, so Uma had to wait and call her and she waited patiently until her friend finally joined her. 
Unfortunately this love story has no happy ending, as our dear Spice had to be euthanized on New Year's Eve.  We were all very worried about Uma's state after Spice's death, but she seems to be handling it ok, of course one doesn't know what goes on in her heart and head, but she seems to be seeking the comfort of some new donkey friends, who she really didn't give the time of day when she had Spice by her side. It's amazing how donkeys always know when you need a friend to lean on. They just do. So it is nice to see Uma being in the company of some new girl friends and she has become much nicer and calmer around people too.

Here is to all my friends who love me and who I love you dearly, you know who you are. 

Wishing you 
a very happy VALENTINE'S DAY.


Sandra said...

A truly great story of love and acceptance. These two cuties are now my screen wallpaper and I smile whenever I look at them.
Happy V Day to you and all of your donkey friends!

Sharon said...


Happy Valentine's Day!

Joan said...

So glad Uma is finding new pasture mates. It's heartbreaking for the one left behind.

Wishing you much love and hope you have a special day.

Tina said...

Sandra: Happy Love Day to you and all your kitty friends.
Happy Valentine's Day Sharon!
Joan, I probably vented enough over the last days, especially yesterday, that I am actually having a great day. :)

Inger said...

I was amazed at the friendships between donkeys that I saw when I worked at the rescue. There was a blind old burro who had a best friend. That friend watched over his, made sure he got his food, made sure no harm came to him. It was so beautiful to watch.

Tina said...

Thanks Inger for sharing this, they truly are amazing. We have a family of minis, and the dad makes sure his family gets to eat!