Saturday, January 28, 2012

I don't see it!

Did you ever stitch on something and the colours they tell you to use are just so wrong in the vision of the finished project? Well there was the purple moose ( it still is...since it's not finished), then there is the snowman, my stitching sister is stitchin,g that has no white in it. But my current  project I think is taking the cake and it is just totally frustrating  to me. This is the second time I started it, because the first time I didn't like the colours, so I restarted it on a different spot but it is actually worse than the original try. I just don't see the colours they tell me to use, now who in their right mind sees a  DMC 704 in a donkey?????
The only reason I will keep working on it is that it will be a tribute and memorial for a dear donkey friend. And thank God green is one of my favourite colours, or at least it will be after this one!
But really..give me a break....wth is this suppose to be?


Cathy said...

Might look alright from a distance. How does it look in the 'picture' illustration that came with the kit or on the front of the pattern sheet.

Tina said...

Not that green lol!

Sharon said...

I can understand your problem - did they make a typo? Post the picture on FB after you get it finished, maybe it will look a lot different then.