Saturday, December 24, 2011

My favourite thing!

As you celebrate Christmas, remember it is a time of sharing, love and re-union.Let’s make a difference in the life of at least one person, show love to somebody, say a prayer, send a gift, send a card,do something to put a smile on the face of someone.
My all time favourite thing is to know that I put a smile on somebody's face, even better when the recipient has no idea where it came from. It's always nice to keep them guessing. After having accomplished some of that yesterday, a stranger commented on the big Christmas smile I had on my face, nice that people notice.
I did sport plenty of smiles over the last little while, and even though times at work have been quite stressful and eventful, we never forgot the reasons why we are where we are and do the things we do. It sure is nice to share a common love, a common goal, common dreams and work together toward them.
I treasure most the cards I have received from certain people and the thoughts and love they shared, and knowing that they are real and not just words on a pretty card, as their actions have proven throughout the year.
The best present for me this year comes, coupled with the gratefulness to the higher power of having had a  mild November and December even though it was very wet, in the from of  the new barn for the donkeys.  After many months of delays because of permit issues, the barn is looking more and more ready to move in every day. I can not express how grateful I am for the weather we have had and that the animals didn't have to share just little shelters to keep warm and that the emergency plan didn't have to be executed. I think we all are. This picture was taking mid week and by Thursday when I left the sides have been all up.
I am also grateful to know that our concerns and voices have been heard and standing up for what you believe has made a difference. There are still things to work on in the near future and hopefully once all the stress of dealing with uncertainty lifts so we the clouds around some people's minds.


Trina said...

Merry Christmas Martina to you and your family! All the best for 2012!!

Melodie said...

Merry Christmas! You can bet Bonnie and Clyde will get their special Christmas treats and extra scratches!

Joan said...

Thank you for all your caring and giving... you have certainly put a smile on my face! Merry Christmas!

Tina said...

Thats what it is all about Joan, so glad you can smile at the silly things I do lol...miss you and hopefully you come up for a visit next year. You know how I reordered the Cocoa calendar after we thought you parcel was lost, I think I might give it to Eric, since he has such soft spot for the big boy too.

Joan said...

I think Eric and Jean would love that! The postal service really made life more complicated for you. So glad they finally came through though. Am loving my Cocoa calendar!