Friday, December 23, 2011

Open mouth, insert foot....or...

why it is always good to think and check things before you speak. OMG did we ever kill ourselves laughing in the office yesterday, it was just too cute and funny, and apparently so typical her. I have heard her name in the office before, she is a big donor and always purchases her gift sponsor ships two days before's been like that for years. We have called her a week before and she just ignored the call and called again a few days before Christmas, getting all the sponsorship packages put together and sent out by UPS to get to her on time. The donkey sponsor ship packages each include a certificate of sponsorship with  a bio of the sponsored donkey printed on the back, a picture of the donkey and a letter from the DSC, all in a separate envelope for each sponsorship. In a frantic phonemessage yesterday, as you can hear her tearing up all the envelopes, she starts ranting and raving about the things that are missing in each package, apparently all were either missing the bio or the certificate, and as she rants and raves about how she needs to start doing this in July if we are not capable of doing it right the first time, and if we could email her the bios of the ones that are missing and that she had a car pick them up in half an hour to drop them of to the people in other cities and how is she gonna get it put together and bla bla bla, she was just beside herself in a panic, then all of a sudden she goes....oh wait a minute...oh I see...the bios are printed on the back of the certificate and the certificate on the back of the bio, I take everything I said back and I love you guys, you are the best and hung up. The message seemed to go on for good three minutes. For some reason we didn't get to the message until later in the day. However when I came into the office Cheryl was on the phone and it sounded like we had messed up a big sponsorship order with pictures etc. As I am listening to the conversation I am trying to piece things together, trying to find out who she could be talking to and how I could have messed up that badly, the person said that their are no names on the back of the pictures, and yes I know, we only put names on the pictures if we put more than one picture in a package. So Cheryl in her good customer service mode guided the woman via discription of the photos to the right donkeys and therefore to the right package and letter. I think the only time you don't know what picture goes with what donkey is if you have  more packages and take them apart....turns out it was the same lady who had called earlier, but at that point we didn't know about the message yet, but it sure explained a lot of things after wards, so in her frantic state she had pulled all the pictures out of the envelopes and of course couldn't figure afterwards what goes with what.....omg....too funny. I guess someone is in real Christmas stress...what a sweetheart of a lady...priceless.


Jules said...

I can almost picture this happening as you describe it! Classy!!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year at the DSC!!!

Sandra said...

What a bad case of Christmas stress:))

Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the donkeys! Vesel Božič!