Monday, December 19, 2011

Huge Success!

The Christmas Open Days at the DSC have all been a huge success, we raised lots of money via the gate donations, purchases made at the Long Ear Boutique and tons of sponsorships of donkeys, which translates into long hours at the DSC office. But who could resist  the warm, cosy atmosphere down in the barn, the lights, the music, the stories, the goodies, the open fire and of course the fuzzy winter coats and soft noses of the donkeys, even if some have had  a bad ear day.

The first open Sunday was a total rain out, yet over 100 people braved the mud and down pours, the second Sunday was much nicer and we set a new record in money raised in all three departments (gate, boutique, sponsorship), and yesterday over 250 people braved the bitter cold and visited with the donkeys. What is most amazing to all of us is that probably 85% of the people that came out, were first time visitors, some have heard of us, but just never visited and then for some it was completely new. Amazing what a small article in one of the local newspapers can do.
The new Donkey House is taking on shape and we are carefully optimistic that it will be ready by the end of the week.
The roof is suppose to go up today and the sides should be up in no time at all, the donkeys should be ready to move in by next week. What a wonderful Christmas present. Can't wait to find out who will be the first donkey brave enough to check out the new housing. Fences still need to go up and new paddocks will be created, we will have a gelding group and a jennet group with a few mild mannered geldings and the minis.  Indy, Donny and Hershey will be joining the geldings and finally will be not so isolated as they have been during their stay at Halfway Haven. The garden paddock ladies will get their own shelter and might be joined by another mule, that is in dire need of loosing weight. The barnyard gang will consist of our oldies and donkeys that need to be closely watched, like Peter, Jacques and our sweet Summer, who is showing early signs of dementia and is under watch, we have seen a big change in her personality, and sometimes she is sweet old Summer and at times she is a very grouchy old donkey lady, who fights and kicks at everybody, and in all my years there visiting and volunteering I have never seen Summer kick or get mad at anybody else, so she definitely is not herself these days.
Christmas parties at the DSC have been in full swing, on Friday we had a staff Christmas Dinner at the old Marina and I was blessed with driving Sandra to the restaurant, as she wanted to get the JEEP experience under her belt. It was a great dinner and a great time was had by all, some learnt the lesson of not mixing alcohol with antihistamine, as he turned into the comedy relief performer at our end at the table.  Saturday we ( five of us) had a nice potluck dinner at Ruth's place and it was great fun to hang out with the girls. It was nice to spend some time again with Cate, who is going through another health scare for the second time this  year, hope everything turns out well for her.

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