Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trying to get my s*** together

This morning I am trying hard to get back on track, we had a great time yesterday afternoon with our outing, we had an amazing lunch at a Greek restaurant and than a very telling and interesting visit with our other friend. Her place was absolutely gorgeous, so very much like her, we met her tiny little Chi Chi Minnie Mouse, and omg what a big presence she had for a tiny little dog, of probably half the size of our smallest cat, but she had big huge ears. So adorable. We spent about three hours visiting and it sure gave us a lot of food for thought. It was very enlightening and helpful in some ways and well we all get out of it what we take away and what works for us. I wasn't sure if I needed Cheryl to know all these things about me that came out, but oh well, we had a good laugh at them and well that's me, so there you have it, no more surprises or secrets here. Some of the things were very helpful and it felt like a ton of bricks was lifted of your shoulder, even though it did hurt, but it's almost now that its out in the open and spoken about to a certain degree it lost it's power and that felt great. It was also good to know that some things are still what they are even though they don't appear as it anymore, so that was reassuring and made me inwardly happy. This morning I am just rehashing all the things brought up yesterday and sorting things in my own head and of course being in your head stirs up a whole whack of unwanted things so I was having a little bit of a rough morning and getting some very sad and unsettling news from home first thing this morning sure didn't help that, so I will try to sort through this somehow at sometime, and definitely concentrate on the things that matter and that you love. Now I better get my act together and concentrate on work in the office and trying to fill a mail order still sitting her on my desk for one of the sweetest old ladies I have ever talked to, so that will be at least something nice to do.
Hope you all have a great day!

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Sharon said...

Sometimes it feels good to bare your soul. The little dog sounds cute! As far as the other... you know, there's always 'something'.