Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ok, I have picked myself back of the floor after being totally floored by a surprise email from an old, old friend. He he he, there were names in that email I have not heard in ages and the whole email took me back about 30 years or so and I was instantly transformed back into that time and things that went on during those days. Omg,not that I haven't thought about these things over the year, but to be reminded by the person you shared those moments with, has left me feel a little bit overwhelmed and happy and a little bit sad. Oh man, where have those years gone? With our oldest kids in their twenties, it's been a long long time since the last time we spend some time together, I think the last time we saw each other, was when his youngest was just born, now 13 years old, omg how time flies. On our travel to Germany we would regularly visit and spend time together, but haven't done so over the last few visits, for not really any particular reason that I could remember, so not sure what happened there. lol. So now with promises of more frequent contact hopefully there will be some reunion in store down the road too, I do have to go back to Germany some day, don't I?

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Sandra said...

To heartfelt reunions! There are few things that make me happier than a good memory.