Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust!

Yesterday five of us humans and some donkey friends said their final good-bye to our sweet little Poppy. We had put money together to bring Poppy's ashes back to her loving home at the DSC and to be with her mom and her best friend. It was a very cold crisp early afternoon, as we gathered around the bottom of memorial hill to spread her ashes. Wish I had a picture, it was priceless, it was as if the donkeys all knew what was going on and they all stood at the fence in the main paddock looking over the lane way to the bottom of memorial hill. They stood like that the whole time we were there and after saying the things we needed to say and distributing the ashes around the memorial stones, when we left so did the donkeys along the fence line to continue with their normal way of being....eating. Some of us went down to the mini paddock to spend some time with Poppy's mom and her friend Sable and let them have a part of Poppy with them forever.
R.I.P sweet little one, you were such a great ambassador for the DSC and a friend and teacher to so many, old and young. It will be hard to find someone what comes close to her qualities of being such a gentle little soul.

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Melodie said...

Oh...I am so sorry Poppy is is so heart breaking.I am glad you all were able to bring her home.