Sunday, November 20, 2011

The way to his heart.....

is a good back massage.
Over the last few weeks I have lost my heart to somebody new, well not new but we never had much in common nor did we ever spent much time together, see until a few years ago, he was a very aggressive and very grumpy guy, he liked to be away from people and if somebody dared to come near him, he would give it all he had to get rid of you and sometimes he hurt you deeply, and I know he was not a very popular guy because of this behaviour. Then a couple of years later people made a decision for him, that was a little bit Of a controversy but it changed his life and now if you handle him right he becomes putty in your hands.
I have spent the last few months every Sunday with him and we have become quite close, he is the first one to find me when I arrive there, he never leaves my side and follows me around like a little puppy. Sometimes he forgets to mind his manners and gets a little bit pushy to ask for what he needs, but apparently he loves what I do to him. Meet the new love in my life......
our "lion sheep" or "Ball with sticks" how he was lovingly nicknamed....NELLO.
Ball with Sticks
Enjoying a good back massage
Nello in heavenly bliss during a back rub


Sharon said...

"Aah, an little to the left, please", they do love that don't they? I know that look on his face! :-)

Have a good Sunday!

Tina said...

Hi Sharon, glad you stopped by...have a great day too.

Inger said...

That is so adorable. You have a best friend in him for sure. And I am so sorry to read about Poppy.