Saturday, September 17, 2011

The store keeper

After staffing the LONG EAR BOUTIQUE now for the second summer and still having a great time with it, I have taken on another part of fundraising in the form of the DSC Mail Order store. Mail Order Flyers will be sent out to regular donors and with their newsletter about three times a year. The Christmas flyer has just been mailed out and I know last year Christmas time was a little bit crazy as I helped out the girl who did it last year. So besides having my usual own donkey things in the house, I now have boxes full of stock on my basement shelves. The flyer only shows a very small assortment of what we actually have in the boutique, but for shipping purposes we only pick a few small items. Well that is for now, eventually we probably will do a lot more than the easy to ship items, because we do have lots more to sell in the boutique, probably anything you can imagine and anything you can't imagine that is donkey related.
*mugs ( glass and porcelain)
*baseball caps
*winter hats, scarves and mittens
*stuffed donkey animals ( from small to big)
*Schleich animals: donkey, foal, Poitou donkey, Poitou foal and sheep 
*beer glasses
*cards (photocards of our donkeys, cards of painted donkeys)
*christmas cards
*gift tags
*felted donkeys
*knitted donkeys ( small and large)
*wooden donkeys
*glass stained donkey pictures
*framed donkey pictures
*donkey magnets
*note pads
*magnetic farm game
*Kick Ass Coffee
*Pewter Ornaments
*Christmas Ornaments
*zipper pulls
*books ( adults and children's)
*hemp bags
*jean bags
*Farm domino



Sharon said...

Your 'to do' list just gets longer and longer and I think you are lovin' it!

Pumpkin said...

I love the t-shirt...Keep Calm and Donkey On. ROFL!

Joan said...

Do you ship to the US?

Tina said...

Yes I do lol