Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok, so today I am getting actually a few things accomplished, I have been such a procrastinator over the last little while but I need to get myself somewhat organized and start working on things. Well the biggest thing for this fall is already out of my way and that was the First Aid /CPR course, oh how I hate taking First Aid, because there is just too much interaction with people and too much performing tasks in front of people, so totally out of my comfort zone, however the way this First Aid course was run, I would take it anytime and I actually did the full course instead of just the recert so I am good for three years again and don't have to deal with the crappy time wasting way the city runs their course. I have heard of the private courses before but always failed to check them out and unless you go in as a group of friends or coworkers it will end up just me and a whole lot of strangers and that would just be the same. So this time it was six of us, poor Adam being the only guy and who did he get stuck! Poor guy lol but we are definitely closer now lol so that might help in our work relationship too. I passed with flying colours and it really shows how much time is wasted on unnecessary stuff and it just overloads ones brain when it then comes to the test. Keep it simple and logical and you get good results. We learnt all we need to learn and we actually retained it, I feel so much more comfortable in doing First Aid than I have ever felt in all these years taking it, and trust me I have taken a few over the last few years. Funny thing too, in a couple of month this will all change again as new procedures will replace old ones.
I had an interesting conversation with another person I had worked for over the last few years and well lets just say there is a spot for me when one becomes available, so that is good to know. No reapplying just showing up! Helps when you have people know your work value and your work ethics instead of tearing them down and question everything. So we will see!
Caught up on all my work emails and started organizing the new volunteer session while dealing with agendas of current volunteers. I am truly enjoying the interaction with them and I am definitely try to get to know the newer ones through working along beside them. I sure want this to be a positive experience for them and us and the animals. And honestly they are all great people, we might not all agree on everything but the one thing that matters...the DSC.
Well the next few items on my list require me to actually leave my house and about one I am excited but more on that later...time to meet with some professionals to get me fixed up lol....can't stand my uni brow anymore and hopefully will add some more colour to myself soon.
Hope everybody has a good day.

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