Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Consumed" will be a new TV show in the fall line up on Slice TV. I have only seen the previews,  it's another show about decluttering and reorganizing your house, not as bad as "Hoarders", more in the still of "Clean Sweep" just with more stuff. There are definitely "Toss", "Keep" and "Donate" piles in the preview and the host gives participants the task of only choosing 10 non essential items to keep. Now that made me think if I only could keep 10 non essential items what would they be.....not an easy task let me tell you. But here is my list...
  1) my little treasure chest  which holds all kinds of treasured momentos, cards, photos etc
  2) my donkey statue
  3) my other donkey statue
  4) my crystal hanging ball
  5) my paint by numbers painting that my grandfather did
  6) my original water colour painting
  7) my photo collage
  8) my koala cross stitch
  9) my bird cross stitch
10) my stained glass picture

Well if I could get rid of everything else my house would be very empty lol and not cluttered, but do I really want to get rid of everything else? NO!
What non essentials would you like to keep?


Joan said...

What... no Cocoa mug!!!

That's a very difficult choice, just 10 items.. guess I won't be going on that show!

Tina said...

I was going for large items, little ones I can always sneak in somehow lol