Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revising once again

Well once again I am revising things in my life.... I have added a few new things and I have taken some out that no longer interest me or are not that important anymore

* hold a Koala
* meet Robin Williams
* drive a convertible
* go off roading
* visit New York City and watch a Broadway play
* ride in a speed boat
* take a college course ( anything animal related)
* help someone in need
* volunteer at the DSC do the carrot walk
* go to Africa and work as an aid worker
* travel across Canada by train
* go to a Josh Groban concert
* loose my fears
* go on the Eiffel tower and spend time sitting at the Trocadero Gardens
* see the Mona Lisa
* see Leonard Cohen in concert
* ride on a snowmobile or skidoo
* go horseriding on a beach or trail
* go on the Maid of the Mist
* go on a Helicoper ride
* get a tattoo
* do a small fundraiser
* go tree trekking and zip lining
* learn how to fly or do an airplane simulator
* visit a donkey sanctuary in a different country, preferably England
* get fit
* get another tattoo
* spend a week in Olanca, California with the Wild Burro Rescue


Tracey said...

Good luck crossing things off of your list... looks like you're off to a good start!

Sharon said...

What a super bucket list! Mine is down to:


Louise said...

It's a wonderful list. I hope that you keep crossing thing off, and adding new things on.