Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looks like there is a break... the heat that is. We haven't had any real rain since June 8th and the heat over the last 2 1/2 weeks has been absolutely crazy, don't get me wrong I love it, I absolutely love it, but I don't like the feeling of being soaked in sweat from doing absolutely nothing. With temperatures in the high 20s before 9 am in the morning, that is not normal. Of course the donkeys being desert animals love it, even though most of them hid out in the old barn where they lean against the cold stone walls to keep cool, but then there is the odd crazy donkey who just lays smack middle in the blazing sun out in a sand or dust pit and just revels in it. Especially the white ones seem to enjoy this more than anybody else. Visitors still have flocked to the farm on Open Days despite the heat and that is good for us. The boutique has been challenging as it is just an oven in there, the same with the learning and welcome Centre, we actually step out side every minute we can to catch a little bit of a breeze. I love how the heat brings the night life in the city to live. Places are buzzing with people in the late evening hours, yesterday when I drove home from work at 10 pm it was still 30 degrees Celsius and it felt great. This morning as I was sitting outside with my coffee it was so nice, even though it was already 25 degrees, there was a breeze and it felt just heavenly. As much as I hate to see this heat end, we do need rain so desperately, the paddocks at the farm look like straw and hay fields, nothing lush about them right now. Well I will enjoy my day off today and take full advantage of doing nothing lol...not really true, but thinking about things and planning and scheming doesn't count as here is to a great day! Maybe I even take a trip to my favourite store in Ancaster...haven't been shopping in so long! Have a good day!

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Sharon said...

We are croaking from the heat here as well. If we get any rain at all, it just makes the humidity that much worse when it heats up.

Your problem of the posts showing late, seems to be my problem with the new blog too. Ack!