Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another break

...this time to the greener grass on my side of the fence as I was working in the boutique today instead of volunteering in the barnyard.

What a perfectly beautiful day for an Open Day! Lots of new people came to see the donkeys today, and of course were completely charmed. It's wonderful to watch people get to know the donkeys. Sam made a break for the greener grass on the Boutique side of the fence when a couple came through the gate. Many thanks to Martina for helping to bring him back to the barnyard! Cheeky."

It was fun today, I got to work with one of the girls I got to know last year when she came as a visitor and I encouraged her to come out to volunteer and she did, and is now working at the Welcome Centre on Sundays. I usually don't see her, because I am in the barnyard, so it was really nice and special to work with her today, share some good laughs and compare notes. She is just a hoot and I loved her huge personality right from the start. 
Lots of great people out today and after a rushed morning, a slow lunchtime and a busy afternoon it turned out to be a great day in the boutique sales wise and definitely donation wise at the gate. I made some good connections with some potential new volunteers and am mighty proud of myself for really enjoying that role and getting more comfortable in it. But I am great one on one, anything more is a group and freaks me out lol...oh well I hopefully get that under control one day too, as there is no rest for the wicked and I am already to work on organizing the Volunteer Appreciation Lunch for the fall. 


Louise said...

Glad you had a good Open Day. It's so important to get people out there, to see the animals and understand how precious they are.

Tina said...

It sure is Louise, and nobody understands that better than you!