Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a day!

It promised to be a scorcher and boy they weren't kidding, by nine o'clock it was already 26 C and that wasn't counting in the humidity.  It was Open Day at the Farm so I drove up to the DSC, on the way  up there I noticed a lot of debris of branches and twigs on the road, looked like they had a little bit of a storm up at that way, as I came closer, some roads where closed and you could see trees over the road in the distance. I wasn't aware of the degree of severity of the storm until I arrived at the DSC.  As soon as I got out of the car, Sandra urged me to come  behind their house and see, wow.....a huge tree came down and barely missed their house, even though the tree reached over a few gardens, the fences were still standing.

She said it was the worst storm she had ever seen, lasted about 30 minutes and was pour howling winds, lightning after lightning, down pour and hail.  When I talked to Adam later on, who lives in a trailer at the bottom of the lane way, he said that he thought he was going to die, that's how bad and scary it was. The high wind blew open  the big gate at the end of the lane way, some of the donkeys were standing in Sandra's front garden checking it out. Thank God they never go very far. The poor minis were up to their knees in water at one side of their paddock and waited patiently at their gate to be let out. The lane way had a nice big deep washed out path all the way down, when I stepped into the learning centre, I was all of a sudden to my ankles in mud, it was totally drenched, there are big sink holes all over the lane way, and debris everywhere. I wonder how the poor animals weathered that storm. I know the mules were all day in uproar yesterday. As I know the donkeys, they just stood there stoically and watched. Wow what a mess and all that five days before thousands of people invade the DSC for Donkey Day, so it was a busy day ahead. I was sort of pulling triple duty between Learning Centre, Welcome Centre and Boutique and we were expecting two groups for the day. One was a WSPA workshop of about 20 people and then later in the afternoon a class of 35 kids. All while cleaning up and getting ready for Donkey Day at the same time. And boy it was hot too, so that made the day even worse. One nice thing of today though was the a very short visit from Cate, she was on her way home from Toronto and stopped by just to say hello. She looks tired and sore, and I know that it will be a while til she gets her energy back and is up and running again. But it was sure good to see her out and about. I hope she will take good care of herself. Besides being tired she said she is feeling great, she is of all the medication and now it's just a constant watch for other things popping up, as apparently there are a few things attached to that kind of ailment and still waiting too for the test results. I sure hope everything turns out fine for her. We are all keeping our fingers crossed.

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Joan said...

Wow what a storm! Wonder how the animals handled it as it was happening? Poor things. Very sorry for all the extra work it brought to all of you just before the big day! Glad you got to see Cate.