Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Down the mountain, up the mountain

Yesterday was a good day. even though that was the case, it was a day I just wanted to lay low and not bother with anybody, and it's hard at times to get the energy up to deal with people, sometimes I am so afraid that if I really would let loose on how I really feel at any particular  moment, I would be a not very nice person,  and I would rip a strip of a few people, whether I know them or not, but really that is really not in me to do and then I would be just like them and sure don't want to be that. Yikes. As I am writing this I am chuckling to myself as I remember the exact words from a book about how to get along with me the best and it is so true, it really all depends on how you say things and what your intentions are. I am always willing to help out anybody who wants or needs help, with no agenda of my own, however it's the way you react and ask that will determine the outcome and that was yesterday the case again, and well you always catch m ore flies with honey than with vinegar and that concept is foreign to some, but yesterday's little incident I can explain away with lots of rationalities and understanding on my part, that in the end I helped reluctantly, but if that person would have asked in a different way, she would have gotten the whole help and not just the basic and now leave me alone attitude.  And I hate when that comes out lol. But it is what it is and people just need to learn that some people respond differently to questions than others. After all like Joan always says not everybody is like you lol....ha ha ha I know I get that but then others should get it too. I asking to much? But yesterday really was no big deal, but it just made me realize that how I am different with different people depending on how they ask for things and how that makes me feel. So yesterday morning I took a trip down the mountain to finally get to an appointment that I had push along for days now, because of work, honestly I wasn't all that fond of going, because I wasn't sure what the result would be, as I really didn't care the last few weeks. But only my BP was up and that was no wonder, have this young, couldn't have been more than 25 years old, cute guy taking your BP and then telling you to lift up your shirt to over your bra while you lay in front of him, of course my BP was up. Gee is that so hard to figure out lol...Glad when that was over,  then we had a little meeting and consultation and I was off on my merry way on a little bit lighter feet. Instead of going home I drove up the mountain to get to the DSC, wasn't really sure how much I could do there today, as Adam was working on electrical stuff so no power for the PCs but I had to start taking some of my boxes of books up to the DSC, as I am sure it will be more than two trips. I have collected well over 500 books for the book sale on Donkey Day and kind of lost track after reaching the 500. So I took 7 boxes up yesterday, and have at least two more trips to do. But my basement already looks better lol. At the DSC preparation of Donkey Day are in full swing and the big day is less than five days away. I visited with a few of the donkeys, got a little bit of time on the computer in, scheduled a meeting with Adam, Kim and Cheryl for next Tuesday and then went home to make dinner and take it easy for the rest of the day. After this week things should considerable slow down at the work front at the Centre and I am looking forward to that. Hope that's how it works lol looks like there are always other plans for me lol....we shall see!

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