Friday, April 22, 2011

S stands for smiles!

A smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth. The smile can also be found around the eyes. It is customarily an expression denoting pleasure,  happiness, or amusement
I usually smile a lot, and there are lots of things that make me smile. 
These are things that brought a smile to my face in the last little while...
*driving down the laneway at the DSC
* Orly faithfully giving me the once over to detect if I have treats on me or not.
* a Easter card from a blogger friend with Donkey stickers in it
* seeing Cate
* watching Apollo trying to get the upper hand on the ever trouble causing Donny.
* Jill the Zumba instructor 
* the squirrels chasing each other through the backyard, and playing with sticks.
* seeing happy people and being around them
* certain blog entries
* emails from certain friends
* emailing donkey photos to a friend because I know it will make her smile too
* blond moments mine and others
* Pookie's wisecracks
* squeezing Jack tight
* watching donkeys
* accomplishing something and being proud of it
* a smile back
* having a secret blogger giveaway and having the receiver just be in total delight over the goodies....


Tina said...

* an email from my supervisor made me smile today while slaving away at work.

Joan said...

Smiles... Love to see you smile!