Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Rowdy Boys

A few months ago a few donkeys were separated from the main herd and placed into a different paddock, with new shelter and lots of space to roam around, the little group of donkeys has been duped the Rowdy boys. It was mainly created to get one of the rowdies under control with the help of the bigger donkeys, which really doesn't seem to have done the trick, because he still aggravates everybody no matter how much bigger they are than him. So the rowdy boys consist of all our biggest and toughest donkeys, well maybe just the biggest.

When I think of Panne, I don't really think of him as a rowdy boy, he is huge, our only Mammoth donkey, but he is a softy when it comes to character. He is a little shy and really the only thing that makes him a rowdy boy is his size, but he is definitely a gentle giant.

Cocoa, well he can be a rowdy boy if things don't go his way, but if he has your undivided attention he is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He  usually is very nice to all the other donkeys again unless they infringe on the attention he is getting. However Cocoa is strong as an ox and he knows how to use his strength, he is known to have pulled four grown men around the yard when it comes time to do things with him. A head butt from him usually sends you flying, ok maybe not flying, but you better watch out lol. He is our second largest donkey on the farm. Cocoa and I didn't start out on good terms in my earlier days at the DSC and I was actually pretty scared of him, but now I know the way to his heart and we are fine most of the time, again unless I pay more attention to somebody else. lol. He sure is a sweetie.

Apollo is a rowdy boy, through and through, not meanly but can be rough, well he has been through a lot in his life and it is understandable. However he loves his face rubbed and he likes to be cuddled. He is a very large standard donkey with an enormous head. His head really is huge and that's how I always could tell him apart from all the other same coloured donkeys while he was in the main herd. Apollo is one of my sponsored donkeys for my friend D., who once had a horse named Apollo. 

This is Indiana, another rowdy boy, he is a large Standard donkey, obviously not always rowdy, otherwise my daughter would have not been anywhere near him. He can be however very unkind to the Miniature donkeys, actually right out dangerous to them, especially the girls. He was involved in a very serious incident the other day with our little Katy and well let's just say he can't be alone or trusted with a mini donkey. He is also one who is most prone to abscesses and well he usually has one of his feet wrapped up in baby diapers and duct tape.
Nugget is one I don't really know much about yet. He seems to be a nice donkey, a little shy and nervous around people, but otherwise very calm and mild mannered.

Pablo and Chullo were best buddies and went together over the the Rowdy Boys paddock, since then their dynamics have changed a little bit, they still hang out together, but have developed new friendships with the other rowdy boys. Pablo is a little bit  unkind to some of the other donkeys, but he is always sweet around me. I think of all the rowdy boys he is probably the most unrowdy one. Chullo stepped up to his rowdy boy status quite nicely and is always looking for trouble lol. Might be the company he is keeping?

Donny, Mr. Rowdy Boy himself. He is one of the main reasons the rowdy boy paddock was created, it was him that the other ones were suppose to calm down and put in his place, but so far, I don't think it has been working that He still is a little "shit disturber" and always looking for someone to aggravate. And he doesn't give up easily and it  usually takes for ever to convince him, that some might be bigger than him. Donny has been a stud all his life, well until shortly before he came to the DSC and he is acting like one, oh I guess it takes a while for guys to figure out that they are not all that after all. lol..

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