Thursday, April 07, 2011

F is for friend, fun, fitness and fundraising!

I think I made a new friend the other day down in the barn, his name is Peter, I have known Peter for years, but usually he only has eyes for his Katy, but once I had him to myself, well I think I stole his heart or at least his ears. It was really odd to see poor Peter on the barn yard side without his beloved Katy, he was looking a little sad and depressed and was pacing back and force in the barn, of course I really got worried immediately and thought the worst, especially after what happened a few weeks ago with Katy. So I was quite concerned and as soon as I saw Chantal I was asking about Katy, but apparently when Peter was brought over the day before to get his teeth looked at, Katy didn't want to come with him and well that was a relief to hear but I still don't like the love donkeys to be separated. I tried to approach Peter a few times, but he is very shy and reserved and it wasn't until I got down to his level ( Peter is a mini) and got on my knees in the barn talking to him when he turned into putty in my hands. He came close for a nose to nose kiss and well the rest is history. He snuggled up to me and enjoyed a good rubdown and ear scratch. Every time I got up to leave he would follow me and lean back into me as to say "don't leave yet", so needless to say it took a few attempts to make my way back up to the office, I just can't resist a face like that...

In the next little while there are a few fun events planned and things I want to attend, some with the goal in mind to get fit and some with the goal of raising funds for good causes and one with both. All three events should be great fun.
First up is a Zumba for "Mothers and Others" event ( May 7th)) hosted by Zumba Brantford, then the following weekend is a Fundraising event called "Friends for a Cure" in which all the proceeds go to the Cancer Society and last but not least is a Zumbathon  for a cause", details to follow on this one deserves it's own entry. :)


Inger said...

I love the story of your new friend and you. There is nothing sadder than when an animal gets left behind and you can't explain to them what happened. I provided a link from my blog to yours today and just checked it and it works. I can't wait to hear what you think of my F is for Foals!--Inger

Cat said...

Sounds like you have a new friend! That looks like an adorable nose for petting in the photo!