Wednesday, April 06, 2011

E is for Escapees and Excitement!

Yesterday while sitting in the office at the DSC and chit chatting with Kim, there was a little stampede running past the office window, right in front of us. Oh oh! Wondering where they came from we knew we had some escapees! Thank God I had closed the little garden gate by the office, otherwise they would have had another gate to escape through. We jumped  up, put our boots on in a hustle and went outside...of course cornering them didn't work, because they made a break for it right through the garden and instead of going back down the lane way, they decided to run into the yard around the house, so two of us ran one way and two of us waited for them to be chased back around the house. Boy, they sure enjoyed their moments of freedom, kicking up heels and running wild, funny thing one of them was our  sickest donkey and the other one could barely walk when I was down in the barn earlier, because of foot problems lol, those little buggers. It took a while for them to get around the house and be even directed into the right direction, but eventually they got the drift and ran down the lane way. Of course all that commotion got all the other animals excited, some of the other donkeys in the garden paddock looked over the fence and wondered what those  guys were doing on the other side in the "good" garden, while the mules decided to get spooked by all that action and ran like crazy back  into their enclosure. Even our 42 year old Summer was getting into the action kicking and jumping for joy or whatever it was. It was cute. Nothing like a little donkey wrangling to brighten up your day! How they got out? Well Chantal was driving the tractor through the gate and while she was climbing down to close the gate again, they saw the chance and ran. 

Remember these faces........



Joan said...

FREEEEEEDOMMMM... for a little while at least! Glad they had a little fun.. just so long as they din't head down the driveway!!! Got your blood pumping too. lol

Inger said...

The donkey rescue next door had a big escape too, of wild burros no less. Seeing them run around in the hills here, free as they are supposed to be, was both wonderful and so very sad. You could see that's where they should be. Tomorrow, I have another donkey treat! Begins with a an F, of course. I have the pictures but no words yet.--Inger

Tina said...

Yes Joan blood was pumping, its amazing how strong they are when they plow right thru you....a little bit nervwrecking and yes the main thing was to keep them of the driveway...omg that reminds me of the one time Hershey got out in the parking lot.
Can't wait for it, Inger.

Monica said...

Awhhhh....I can just picture them all conspiring about the big break out!! Sounds like everyone had a bit of fun!! They look so adorable!!
Found you from the A-Z Challenge, I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!